A look at the Tsum Tsum Figural Key Rings Series 1 with a giveaway!

The fine folks at Entertainment Earth sent us Tsum Tsum Figural Keyrings from Monogram to review... they were also kind enough to offer two sets of 6 blind bag packs to two lucky readers so be sure to read to the end to find details about the giveaway!

To start, Monogram has been creating sets of "Figural Keyrings" based on Disney Characters for awhile. They have many sets of both general characters as well as movie or theme specific sets. They all follow a similar pattern. They are blind bags so you don't know who you are getting in the bag and each set has one or more "mystery" characters.

A little while ago they released the first series based on Disney Tsum Tsums! To start with we will take a look at the display box they come in. Each box contains 24 blind bags. On the sides of the box are pictures of the characters in Series 1. These include Alice, Chip, Minnie, Marie, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Pluto, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and two "mystery" characters. They include a silhouette of the two mystery characters and in this case it is very obvious who they are.

Each bag also has the character list on the back of the bag. Inside the bag is one figure who is wrapped inside a piece of cardboard. The cardboard is there to try to prevent you from being able to "feel" who is in the bag. In is an imperfect solution for keeping it a mystery at best.

In the ones they sent us we were lucky enough to get most of the characters in Series 1 including 1 of the mystery characters. Of course we took pictures of each!



Mad Hatter:


Minnie Mouse:



White Rabbit:

and Dumbo:

Size wise these are smaller than a mini plush Tsum Tsum but bigger than the largest size of the Vinyl stacking Tsum Tsums from Jakks Pacific.

Overall they are very cute and definitely keep with the Tsum Tsum "style". I'm not sure I would actually use one for a keychain as it would be too big to really fit in my pocket; however, they would make a great accessory for a backpack or bag and obviously you can just collect them for display or play instead of using them as keychains.

At first look the character selection in series 1 seems a bit strange... Minnie with no Mickey, Chip with no Dale, etc; however, when they announced Series 2 (which should see wide release this month or next) we found out where the other half of these pairs were! They have also announced Series 3 which will be more Princess focused and will be widely released early 2017.

If you are looking for Series 1 or want to pre-order Series 2 or 3 they are currently available on Entertainment Earth. They sell them both in a 6 pack of blind bags as well as by display case. Here are links to all 3 series:

As mentioned previously... in addition to sending us the keychains for review, Entertainment Earth has also kindly offered to send two of our readers a free 6 pack of Series 1 Disney Tsum Tsum Figural Keyring blind bags! To enter the giveaway please visit our giveaway page by clicking here!




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