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Today, as Jon posted earlier, Marvel released the North American version of the new Marvel Tsum Tsum game, which can be downloaded from your app store right now. To coincide with this new launch, not only do we have a brand new game guide already up on Tsum Tsum Central - which you can find by click here - we also have an exclusive interview with the creative team who produced the game!

You can visit the official Marvel Tsum Tsum website, at http://www.MarvelTsumTsumGame.net.

We are very lucky and fortunate to be able to have this opportunity, and extend our thanks to everyone who was involved with this. Throughout the questions, we have replies from multiple different people who were involved with the game. These are:

Yasuyuki Kawaguchi, Senior Director, NHN PlayArt Corp
Hajime Endoh, Creative Director, NHN PlayArt Corp
Erika Nakamura, Senior Producer, Mixi
Bill Rosemann, Creative Director, Marvel Entertainment
Danny Koo, Senior Producer, Marvel Entertainment

1. What is your favorite difference between the original Tsum Tsum game and the new Marvel version?

Erika: My favorite difference from the original Disney Tsum Tsum game is a co-op play mode which allows us to enjoy playing together with friends. Defeating Super Villains together with friends is my favorite feature of Marvel Tsum Tsum. Stages and missions visualize objectives to play and it brings a sense of accomplishment.

Yasuyuki: For me, it will be the co-op to play with friends. Co-op battle is one of the features for this game. We hope everyone enjoys playing with friends.

Bill: My favorite difference between Disney Tsum Tsum and Marvel Tsum Tsum is… everything! While delivering the core “stack and connect” game mechanic as the original, every other element of the game was reimagined through the Marvel “lens”… by that, I mean seeing everything with a filter tuned to the essence of what you love about Marvel. From the overall story to the mission structure, from the character abilities to the themed worlds, from the music to the user interface, each and every element represents Marvel and delivers the action, drama, adventure, humor and awesomeness that our great fans love.

2. In the new Tsum Tsum comic series we found out the Tsums in the story came from outer space while in the game they have a story similar to the original game.  Do you see the game Tsum Tsums living in the same “universe” as the comic series Tsum Tsums?

Bill: The origin that Jacob Chabot, David Baldeon and the rest of the publishing crew concocted is brilliantly accessible, quickly explaining how the blank Tsum Tsum were imprinted with the personalities and powers of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains…so if you want to imagine that those same Tsum Tsum then traveled to the toy store seen in the opening game video, that’s certainly a logical conclusion. The best part of both interconnecting stories is that the Tsum Tsum truly believe they are the real heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe, and they are ready to continue their fierce battle right there in the toy store (which they believe is New York City)…and you’re in the center of the action!

Danny: We did do four comic cover variants for the Marvel Tsum Tsum comics using game assets from Marvel Tsum Tsum! We have one themed after the Avengers, one from Guardians of the Galaxy, one with Spider-Man and his friends, and the last with the all-female A-Force. Fans of Marvel Tsum Tsum should collect all four of them because they are interconnected when you put them side by side! We painted the landscape for the Marvel Tsum Tsum battling each other. Also, Sujin Lee, and artist from the development team at NHN Playarts created a variant for Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 as well.

3. Something that we often get asked by followers of our site is when will the International Disney Tsum Tsum game receive some of the updates that the Japanese one has, and are frustrated that the International game seems to lag behind.  The new Marvel game already addresses this in part by starting out with version 2 with all its enhancements; however, how do you plan on managing two different versions, one of which has been out for 6 months?

Erika: We will manage both versions without any big difference in terms of available Tsum Tsum, in-game events, etcetera.
We are also planning to enhance a line-up of Tsum Tsum and in-game events synchronizing with the latest and greatest content, such as upcoming Marvel Studios movies.

Danny: … and also Marvel comics! I think the team did a great job in bridging the time gap of content availability between the Japanese and International versions. We want to ensure that fans around the world have access to content and can enjoy it as soon as possible.

Hajime: We will try to provide fun to all players who are playing MARVEL Tsum Tsum regardless of any versions.

4. Following up on the previous question, should we expect to eventually see all the events and characters that have been available in the Japanese version?  Will there be things that come to the International version first or at the same time as the Japanese version, or perhaps even exclusively to the International version?

Erika: Maybe, that would be one of our options.

Yasuyuki: We cannot disclose yet but we are planning various things, so please look forward to it.

Danny: I highly encourage Marvel Tsum Tsum fans to let us know what they would like to see in the game!

5. A number of things are time based in the Japanese version (when certain Villains are available for battle, etc).  In the International version will the times be based on the user’s time zone so that the times aren’t in the middle of the night or in the middle of school/work?

Erika: Time differences are well-considered when we create event schedules, so all the users in the US can enjoy the event, no matter where they are located.

6. Battle mode is one of the bigger new features in the game.  How do battles differ from regular play and what do you get from battles?

Hajime: Stage mode is basically like single play campaign, but battle mode will have players facing against the Super Villains. Just pick your Super Hero team and beat the Super Villains. In addition, sometimes you'll be able to gain Super Villains after the battle.

Erika: With Battle mode, you can get materials such as Iso-8 to strengthen Tsum Tsum. You can also get coins, EXP, and Super Villain Tsum Tsum if you are lucky.

7. In addition to single battles there are also co-op battles where you can team up with a friend or someone close by.  What are the benefits of co-op battles?  Are there things you can only get via co-op battles?

Erika: There is no item which only can be obtained with co-op battles.
But you can share energy with another player and both players’ HP are combined so it’s much easier to defeat Super Villains compare to single battles.

Yasuyuki: Co-op doubles your fun! Playing co-op enables you to beat much stronger Super Villains. Also, you'll receive a higher bonus which increases the chance to acquire the Super Villains.

8. Increasing the power of your Tsum Tsums in the original game is pretty straightforward but it requires a lot of luck (or coins) to power up the better Tsums.  In the Marvel game you have a lot more control over it but it is also a lot more complex with 7 different types of “Iso-8”.  Do you have any tips about getting and using the different types of Iso-8 for new players that are coming from the original game?

Erika: Iso-8 can be obtained in various battles and challenges, and you can also get Iso-8 in Stage mode by accomplishing missions. With Iso-8, you can intensify your Tsum Tsum’s skills/specials/ abilities.

Hajime: The more you play, the more Iso-8 you’ll accumulate!

9. What was your inspiration for how the Tsum Tsums gain their powers?

Bill: As revealed in the Marvel Tsum Tsum comic book, the Tsum Tsum must have observed the heroes and villains locked in battle, and this explosive action imprinted on each of them the superhuman abilities they’re now using to wage their own wild war!

Danny: We’re always keeping up-to-date with Marvel’s comics, TV shows, and films. We study a lot of reference material to make sure we get all their powers and abilities right. Part of the challenge is adapting character skills into a cute and exaggerated form for the game. NHN did a great job developing the skills – they keep getting better and better!

10. What are some of your favorite Marvel characters in Tsum Tsum form?

Erika: Captain America is my favorite Tsum Tsum! Usually Cap looks so muscular and manly, but as a Tsum Tsum, he looks so adorable with cute wings on his helmet.

While it was an awesome responsibility to translate the existing Tsum Tsum plushes – which happen to be some of Marvel’s most popular characters and lifelong favorites -- into their digital versions, it was also a special thrill to look at the latest Marvel comics and introduce the Tsum Tsum version of new favorites like Ms. Marvel, Spider-Gwen and Squirrel Girl!

Hajime: I'm sorry but I like Super Villains more than Super Heroes, especially Venom!

11. Do you have any other tips or tricks for new players to get the most out of the game?

Erika: This game is most enjoyable when you play together with others, so please play with your friends and family!

12. We are always interested and excited to know what is coming next. Do you have any teasers you can share about which characters or events we might see in the near future?

Bill: Like we discussed earlier, Marvel Tsum Tsum will deliver the authentic Marvel experience in this crazy cute new form, and that means we’re looking at every movie, TV show and comic book that Marvel produces for inspiration. So whether it’s characters who starred in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, the magical warriors of the upcoming Marvel’s Doctor Strange film, the emerging stars of Marvel NOW!, or even the hard hitting heroes of Marvel’s Netflix shows, we’re casting a wide and deep net to bring you amazing additions that will energize the game and challenge your Tsum Tsum skills!

Erika: More and more Super Heroes and Villains will appear in the game later on. Look forward to it!

Danny: Follow Marvel Tsum Tsum on social media and stay tuned for upcoming new content!


Thank you again to everyone involved!

Earlier this month, we also interviewed the writer and artist (whom Bill Rosemann mentioned above) for the new Marvel Tsum Tsum comic, which you can read, here!

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