Tsum Tsum News! Comic Con Exclusive Tsums and a new Winnie the Pooh Bee set in Japan!

There will be two San Diego Comic Con exclusive Tsum Tsum plush sets and two exclusive Vinyl Tsum Tsums!

Thanks to Yahoo! Movies we now have a sneak peak at these new Comic Con exclusive sets

In the same Yahoo! Movies article we got some further confirmation that the Marvel Women of Power set of Tsum Tsums will be coming to the US next week

Update: Well it is now official... according to a Disney Store press release the Marvel Women of Power Tsum Tsums will be released July 19th!

Jakks Pacific (the creators of the stacking Tsum Tsum Vinyls) had previously released images of two Comic Con exclusive Vinyl Tsums which look pretty awesome!

Finally, the Japanese Disney Store has added a preview of a new Bee Winnie the Pooh set coming in two weeks! They include a four Tsum Tsum set that comes in a flower holder. The Tsums from the set except Lumpy will also be available individually as well as Tigger, Eeyore, and Rabbit

Are you excited about the Comic Con exclusives?




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