A close look at the Tsum Tsum Stacking Vinyl Disney Series 3 Mystery Packs!

We managed to find all of the new Series 3 Mystery Bag characters and wanted to take a close look at them here on the blog!

Unlike the previous Stacking Vinyl Series, the Series 3 Mystery Packs have started to appear before the regular 3 and 9 packs. Since they are our favorite part of each series, we are glad they appeared so quickly! Currently, it seems like the easiest place to find them is Walmart; however, they should be arriving at Target and others stores as well.

For whatever reason Series 3 only has 12 Mystery Pack characters instead of the 15 of Series 2 (but at least it is still more than the 10 from Series 1). The characters are a mix of characters that were available in previous series and completely new characters! They include: Jasmine, Pluto, Tinker Bell, Dopey, Woody, Baymax, Patch, Genie, Alice, Donald, White Rabbit, and Bambi.

Here are what the individual packs look like:

Obviously part of the fun of these is the "mystery" of who you will get; however, at the same time it can be frustrating to keep getting the same character over and over. To help with that we have pictures of both the character and their accessory as well as a picture of the contents of the bag. We will also mention some things to look for (more like feel for) when trying to find that character in the bags.


Hint: There are two main things to look for. One is base part (which is blue)... this is a curved bottom and the top is rather bubbly feeling. Be careful because the Genie's accessory has a similar feel; however, Jasmine also has the magic carpet which comes in a cardboard sleeve. If you find both of them in the bag you can be pretty sure it is Jasmine!


Hint: Pluto has a rounded "house" that has an opening in the center. It is pretty easy to find this. Donald has a similar accessory; however, the top of Pluto's house has more of a flat feel and there is a groove that that the roof goes into. You can also feel for the roof which is a 2nd piece and since Donald's is all one piece you can tell them apart

Tinker Bell

Hints: Tinker Bell is one of the easiest to find because of the squarish "glass" middle bit of the lantern... if you look for that you should be able to find Tinker Bell


Hint: The easiest thing to look for is the mine cart. The bottom has a curved shape but the top has a rougher feel for the "gems"


Hint: We forgot to take a picture of Woody's bag; however, Woody is very easy to find due to the unique shape of his star that is very easy to find


Hint: Look for the "turbine" piece. It has a rounded bottom with two "wings" that complete the bottom curve. The main bit of it is cylindrical and you can feel the "fan" bit on the one end


Hint: Look for his bed which is all one piece and a distinctive shape


Hint: Like Jasmine the blue bit has a "bubbly" feel to it. It is much narrower than Jasmine's and it is all one piece (where as Jasmine's blue bubbly bit is two pieces). So find a bubbly feeling piece and then look for the shape of it as seen in the picture


Hint: the bottle comes in two pieces and has a distinctive shape that is pretty easy to find


Hint: Similar to Pluto his accessory is a round shape with a hole in the middle of it. Unlike Pluto the accessory is all one piece and the top is rounded as well

White Rabbit

Hint: The easiest bit to find is the watch which is circular. It is possible to feel the hands of the clock on the watch too


Hint: Look for the curved bottom bit and the butterflies which have a distinctive shape

Hopefully that will help you find the ones you are looking for! Which is your favorite?




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