Tsum Tsum International Game News! Princesses added to the game and 2nd Anniversary Event coming soon!

Yesterday the International version of the Tsum Tsum game was updated to add Bride Rapunzel, Snow White, and Princess Aurora to the game!

Snow White's skill summons dwarves who you can tap to clear surrounding Tsums. Her skill is probably the worst of the three.
Princess Aurora's skill is like several other Tsums who turn some Tsums into another character; however, as an added bonus for a period of time Princess Phillip Tsums will continue to appear.
Bride Rapunzel is a normal burst Tsum who is pretty decent. She is also the 1st musical Tsum for the International game in awhile! She is also a limited Tsum.

They also announced that a 2nd Anniversary "Cupcake" event!




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