Tsum Tsum International Game: Star Wars Event Part 1 has started and Darth Vader Added to the game!

The first part of the Star Wars event has finally started in the International version of the Tsum Tsum Mobile Game! Darth Vader has also been added to the premium box!

For more information about the event and how it works you can find our Tsum Tsum Star Wars Event: Part 1 Guide by clicking here

Darth Vader is now available in the Premium Box and is available until the end of the 2nd part of the Star Wars Event on June 19th. Also, from now until the end of the day June 14th he has lucky time so it will be easier to get him in the box for the next few days!

His skill is interesting. When you activate it you can swipe across the screen to "swing his lightsaber" which clears Tsums... it should be good for creating big combos!

Are you excited about the event? Who is your favorite Star Wars Tsum Tsum?




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