Tsum Tsum Plush: A closer look at the new style Alice in Wonderland Tsums!

Since we were able to find the new style Alice In Wonderland Tsum Tsums at JCPenney we thought we would take a closer look at them and compare them to the original Tsum Tsums!

First, size wise they are a bit plumper than the original Disney Store Tsum Tsums; however, this is true of most of the Disney Collection Tsums so we expect when these get released at the Disney Store the size will be closer to the original. Quality wise I think they are better than the first sets of Disney Collection Tsums; however, they still aren't quite as soft and squishy as the Disney Store Tsums (although some of the more recent ones at the Disney Store have been more like the Disney Collection ones sadly).

First up is Alice. Alice is the most similar to her original Tsum Tsum; however, there are some very noticeable differences. First is her eye color where they changed to blue eyes from the "standard" Tsum Tsum black eyes. She also gains a ribbon on her back and the back of her hair is very different. In the original design the back of her hair was just part of her; however, the new style hair just covers part of her back and can be flipped up.

Next is Cheshire Cat. First, he gets his trademark grin that was missing from the original Tsum Tsum. He also adds whiskers and a darker nose. The final big difference is his tail which is much bigger than the original.

Finally, we have White Rabbit who is the most different of the three. First, are updated facial features including darker red eyes and nose, connected glasses, the addition of eyebrows, and the loss of rosy cheeks. I think the biggest improvement here is his glasses. Without the connecting line in the old Tsums it kinda looked like he had 4 eyes while in the newer version it is obvious that they are glasses. The next big change is his outfit... in the original it was just multi colored fabric but in the new version he gains his blue ruffle and his heart bib... they even added the heart on his stomach!

Overall I don't think I like the new Alice and Cheshire more or less than the originals... they are just different; however, I think the new White Rabbit is a huge improvement over the original.

The whole set will be released in Europe and the UK next week at the Disney Store and hopefully in the US soon after (we are hoping the first Tsum Tsum Tuesday in June) and I look forward to seeing the other new characters!

These three can be found in some JCPenney stores (we expect them to slowly show up in more and more stores) but can also be purchased on-line. They have a free in store pickup option so you don't even have to pay shipping which is nice. Here are links to the them (including a medium Cheshire Cat that we haven't found in store yet)

What do you think of these? Are you excited for the new Alice in Wonderland Tsum Tsums?

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