Tsum Tsum Key Chains available on Entertainment Earth and Tsum Tsum Squishies Series 2 coming soon!

The Tsum Tsum Key Chains the previously have been showing up at Hot Topic are now appearing on the Entertainment Earth website for ordering (You can either buy a 6-pack or a whole case). The 6-pack is currently out of stock but you can still order them (and they will send them once they get more) and the case is listed as coming in June (but pre-order it and get it once it is available).

Here are links for them:

They also have a cute Tsum Tsum Lunch Box and Purse that are coming in July (but available for pre-order)

In other Tsum Tsum news, in the UK, the Entertainer website has been updated to list Tsum Tsum Squishy Series 2 as coming soon. It looks like it might be the mostly the same characters as Series 1 but they will be "fuzzy" this time. As far as we know these will continue be unavailable in the US but you never know! Here are some of the promotional images:

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