Clinton's 2nd Wave released and upcoming Tsum Tsums in the US/Japan

Hi all,

Today Clinton's in the UK released their 2nd wave of Tsum Tsums early on-line. They are not available in stores yet. The 2nd wave included Goofy, Pluto, Piglet, Stitch, Chip, Dale, Dumbo, and Lady. This fills out their "Mickey and Friends" and "Pooh and Friends" sets to match what is available in the rest of the world and also adds a few other random popular characters. They are expected to be released in store mid-March (Update: Clinton's is now saying they will be in stores tomorrow!).

Outside of the UK it is one week until the Frozen Tsums are released for March's Tsum Tsum Tuesday at the Disney Store! In addition to the Frozen Tsums everywhere else the Japanese Disney Store will be releasing Big Hero 6 Tsums next week as well!

Those are all the "confirmed" upcoming Tsums; however, I know everyone wants to know what is coming soon. This is all rumor and speculation; however, there is a good chance the Tsum Tsum Tuesday Tsums for April will be Little Mermaid. While e-bay hasn't proven to be a reliable source of authentic Tsums for purchase it has been good for revealing upcoming Tsums and Prince Eric, Ursula, and King Triton have all shown up recently so it seems pretty safe to guess that Little Mermaid is coming sometime... it is just the when and where that is the question. Between the Tsums on e-bay and other rumors I think April is a good bet for when we will see them. Also, farther out a Tsum from the upcoming Pixar movie Inside Out has shown up so I suspect we will see Inside Out Tsums in May or June.

Finally some core characters in bunny outfits have appeared which are a different style than the Easter Tsums in Japan last year. Given that they did Easter Tsums last year and that Tsums have only gained in popularity since then it is a pretty safe bet that Japan will get new Easter Tsums this year anyway... the big question is whether they will be arriving outside of Japan and rumors point to yes... so hopefully sometime soon (possibly even next week) Easter Tsums will arrive in Japan as well as the US and International Disney Stores!

What do you think of the upcoming and rumored Tsums? What Tsums do you most want to see? Let us know in the comments below!




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