Tsum Tsum International Game Update! Max and Clarice added and new event coming soon!

Today the International version of the Tsum Tsum Mobile game was updated to add Max and Clarice! Also a new feature from the Japanese version has been added too!

Both Max and Clarice's skills are very similar to other Tsums and neither is especially powerful but it is nice to have a few new Tsums added.

The more exciting announcement is that a new event is coming soon! We expect this event to be the same as the "Honey Drop" event that the Japanese game had awhile ago. This event is very similar to the Valentines and Christmas events and the prizes from the event will probably be skill cards instead of a new Tsum.

Finally, another feature from the Japanese game has been added! In the Japanese game when you complete certain milestones you will get a "Pin" to mark that achievement. The beginning ones are things like completing 5 Bingo cards or scoring over 5 million points in a game; however, after adding this feature each of their events have had a pin as one of the final rewards for the event. This feature has now been added to the International game and hopefully means we will be getting some of the newer Japanese events before too long.

Once you have pins you can select one that will appear next to your name in your friends list.

My selected pin:




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