Tsum Tsum International Game News! Limited Time Pick-Up Capsule now available!

Today the international version of the game was updated to add a limited time Pick-Up Capsule! It will only be available today and tomorrow but gives you a better chance of getting some Tsums that are very helpful for the Easter event and Bingo cards!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the game's Pick-Up Capsules, for the next two days there will be a new option when you go to the in game store. In addition to the normal Happiness and Premium boxes there is an option to buy a "Pick-Up" Capsule for 30,000 coins.

When you go to click the Pick-Up Capsule option you will be presented with a machine that looks like a gumball machine with a bunch of characters inside (if you already have that character at max skill level they will be replaced by a premium ticket)

Once you buy a capsule you will get a bigger version of the gumball machine. When you click on the screen the characters/balls will start spinning around and a random one will be selected (which will be the one you get). When you get a capsule it is removed from the machine completely meaning if you buy another capsule there will only be 14 capsules left in the machine instead of the original 15. The number of capsules will keep decreasing until you have bought all 15.

The characters inside the machine this time are:
Rapunzel x1
White Rabbit x2
Miss Bunny x2
Tinker Bell x1
Thumper x3
Stitch x2
Bambi x2
Marie x2

Most of these characters are very helpful for various missions in the Easter Event and Bingo cards

To make it even better, if you buy all 15 capsules you will get a bonus skill ticket!




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