International Tsum Tsum Game Update: Limited Time Valentines Tsum Tsums added and Valentines event coming soon!

This morning the international version of the Tsum Tsum game was updated to add limited time Valentines Tsums and announced a Valentines event is coming soon!

Valentines Minnie and Valentines Daisy are now available in the premium box. They will be available for the entire month of February and currently have "Lucky Time" so you have a greater than normal chance of getting them the next couple days.

They are both basically the same as their "regular" versions so aren't the best Tsums; however, with Minnie having a level cap of 4 she can be more powerful than normal Minnie and therefore helpful for some Bingo Tasks.

They also announced that a Valentines "Feel the love" event is coming soon. We expect this event to be very similar to the Christmas and Halloween events.




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