Review - DK Disney Tsum Tsum Ultimate Sticker Collection

Hello everyone,

We recently received a copy of the brand new Ultimate Sticker Collection: Disney Tsum Tsum (DK Ultimate Sticker Collections), courtesy of DK Penguin Random House.

To begin, let's take a look at the front and back cover.

The cover states that there are over a thousand stickers included. While I haven't counted them all individually, I don't doubt that there are at least as many as that because there really are a lot - over 30 pages of stickers in the second half of the book!

On the first page, there are a small set of instructions to let you know how to use the book. You should fill the gaps with the appropriate character; but don't worry if you get one wrong, they are easily replaceable.

There are then 24 pages of character descriptions, pictures, and spaces for the stickers to be filled in. Pages include Mickey and friends, animal antics, best friends, amazing adventures, and many more.

Spaced intermittently through those pages are then blank pages where you can create your own scenes, perhaps with the aid of the prompts at the bottoms of the pages, such as the one seen below.

After the activity pages you find the stickers. The tops of the sticker pages tell you which activity pages match accordingly, then afterwards there are pages that are labeled as "extra stickers", which obviously you can use for your own projects.

The book can be Ultimate Sticker Collection: Disney Tsum Tsum (DK Ultimate Sticker Collections)purchased on by clicking here. The recommended retail price is $12.99 (US), which I think is really good value. The stickers are bright and colorful, with many, many characters represented. I think it would make a nice addition to any Tsum collector's library.

In the next couple of days we will be running a giveaway here on Tsum Tsum Central, where several lucky winners will be able to receive a free copy of this book!

Have a great week everyone,





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