International Game Update! Limited time "Pickup Capsule" for Thanksgiving

For the first time the international game has added a limited time "Pickup Capsule"!

From now until the end of the day tomorrow November 28th there is a new option for 30,000 coins when you go to buy a box.

When you pick the "Pickup Capsule" you are given a screen with what looks like a gumball machine. Inside are "gumballs" with specific Tsums. You will get a random ball from the machine and you will get that character. If you have already maxed out that character's skill level you will get a premium ticket instead.

The advantage to this is that there are a limited number of characters you can get and they have been selected to be characters that are helpful for bingo.

Once you have bought all 15 "capsules" you will get a bonus skill ticket that will let you pick one of your Tsums to increase their skill level (well at least give you one "box" towards the next level)

Also, for the next few days the daily missions will give you 4000 coins instead of 500!




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