International Game Update! Cars Tsum Tsums added!

This morning the International version of the game was updated to added Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen from Cars to the game!

They are both available in the premium box and currently have "Lucky Time" until the end of the day November 15th so you have a better than normal chance to get them for the next few days.

Tow Mater's skill is a basic clear random Tsums skill but the number he clears is pretty good both at low and high skill levels. He isn't the best Tsum Tsum but he is a decent addition.

Lightning's skill is a bit different than others. While his skill clears Tsums, when you activate his skill you see him race across the screen until he stops at the bottom. Once he stops there will be directional arrows pointing out from him. At that point you can click a spot on a screen to direct which way he will race. He will race in the direction you clicked and bounce off the walls clearing Tsums along the way. The higher the skill level, the longer he goes. You can clear a decent number of Tsums with him; however, annoyingly, if you click a "bad" direction he will basically just go back and forth over the same area and won't clear many at all. For one example, never click directly up or he will just go up and down in a line and not clear many.

Overall neither Tsum Tsum is the best; however, they can both be decent Tsum Tsums and it is good to have them added.

When these Pixar Tsums were released in Japan there was a special event that went with them. Sadly that event doesn't look like it will make it to the International version.




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