Heroes for Hire Event Guide

Card Completion Rewards

Card 1 - 5000 Coins

Card 2 - 3 White Iso-8

Card 3 - 5000 Booster

Card 4 - 3 Red Iso-8

Card 5 - 2 Orbs

Card 6 - 5 White Iso-8

Card 7 - 3 Green Iso-8

Card 8 - 10000 Coins

Card 9 - 3 Blue Iso-8

Card 10 - 3 Orbs

Card 11 - 3 White Iso-8


Card 12 - 5 Red Iso-8

Card 13 - 5 Green Iso-8

Card 14 - 5 White Iso-8

Card 15 - Nick Fury Tsum Tsum

Card 16 - 5 Blue Iso-8

Card 17 - 10 White Iso-8

Card 18 - 5 Orbs

Card 19 - 30000 Coins

Card 20 - 5 Orbs

Card 21 - 10 Orbs

Heroes for Hire Event Information

The next event for the International version of the game, Heroes for Hire, is here! We have put together this page to help explain the event and give some helpful tips and tricks about how to win the event!

To play the event you need to go to the special event "Stage". You get there from the Stage Screen where a clear ball with three cards inside will appear above the regular stage planets and next to the Hellicarrier

Once you have selected the event stage you will see an event card. There are will be three different cards you can choose from by swiping left or right

Each card will have 4 missions on it. You can work on all four missions on a card at the same time (similar to Bingo Cards in the Disney Tsum Tsum game). Each mission has a number of medals you will earn by completing that mission and the card itself will have a total number of medals you have to get to complete the card. The number of medals you get for a mission varies both by how difficult the missions is and the 'Rarity' of the mission... if the mission is considered rare you are less likely to get that mission and therefore it will earn you more medals

There are several main types of missions that are very similar to the regular stage missions (A certain length chain, collect a certain number of coins, etc). Some missions will have restrictions on who you can use to complete that mission. For example one mission you might have to use Iron Man. Another mission you might have to use a Tsum whose color is red

In addition to the mission restrictions some missions will list a Tsum who you will give you a bonus if you use them to complete the mission. For example a mission might be worth 1 medal but if you use the Hulk to complete the mission you will get 3 medals instead

Once you complete a mission it will be replaced by a new mission for you to complete. This will continue until you have completed enough missions to get all the medals needed to finish that card

Once you have gotten enough medals to complete a card you will have one final mission. A battle against a hero where you will have to defeat a certain number of that Hero's Tsums. There battles are similar to some other battles where there will be several smaller Tsums you are battling at once that will be replaced as you defeat them so don't be worried about having to defeat 20 Iron Man Tsums... it goes quickly and they aren't very powerful. Some of the later battles will require you to defeat the little Tsums and then one final bigger stronger Tsum

After you win the final battle you will get the prize for that card and the card will be replaced with a new and more difficult card (with progressively better prizes). There are a total of 21 cards to complete during the event!

If you have Daredevil, some of your missions will be "Super Rare" Daredevil missions. These missions require the use of Daredevil but give you a lot more medals than other missions

Heroes for Hire Event Tips and Tricks

Overall the event is fairly straightforward. You play the event cards and complete the missions. Depending on the missions and the Tsums you use you can work on multiple missions at the same time. The only thing that makes it more difficult are the restrictions. Some missions require specific Tsums (or one of a small set of Tsums) and if you don't have them (or they don't have high skill levels) they can be impossible to complete unless you manage to get that Tsum (or spend resources powering them up). Luckily there are four missions at a time per card so hopefully you can still complete the other missions if you get one you don't have the correct Tsum for. Here are some general tips/info followed by more specific tips for the different missions

  • Try to use a Tsum that will work for multiple missions at the same time. For example if you have one mission that you need to use Hawkeye, Phil Coulson, or Iron Man for and another that requires you to use a Speed Tsum, use Hawkeye since he will count towards both missions
  • There are both single game missions as well as missions that last over multiple games. Any mission that says "total" means you can play multiple games to complete that mission and your progress will be saved and updated as you play additional games. The other missions are single game missions meaning you have to complete the goal within one game
  • When there is a restriction it will be at the top of the mission and will either be a Tsum Icon(s), a Tsum Type Icon (Speed, Power, Blast), or something like "Green Color Use". In the case of "Green Color Use" this means you have to use a character who is green. Honestly this seems like an awkward way to indicate what you need to do and can be confusing... basically whatever is before the "Use" is the restriction for that mission and if there isn't enough room (for example if there are three different specific Tsums you can use) the "Use" will be dropped. This is probably just a bad translation from the original Japanese version of the event like some of the other mission text

Do you have any other tips or tricks for the event? If so, let us know in the comments below and we can add them to the list!

Mission Type Tips

Bomb Missions

Use a Tsum that generates bombs as their skill and have on your team whose ability generates bombs as well. Can also use the +Bomb, +Large, +Time, and 5->4 Boosters if needed

Mega Charge Missions

Use a Tsum Tsum with a 'burst' skill or one that generates bombs and save bombs and skills for when you are out of Mega Charge to get back to Mega Charge as quickly as possible. Can also use the +Bomb, +Time, and 5->4 Boosters if needed
Suggested Leaders

Chain Missions

Use a Tsum that reduces the number of of Tsum types or changes Tsums into one that can be chained to make it easier to make long chains. Can also use the 5->4 and +Time Boosters if needed

Combo Missions

Use a Tsum that has a power that lets you click on Tsums to clear them since this will let you increase your combo quickly. Also, make short chains and save your bombs for when you are out of Mega Charge so you can get back to Mega Charge as quickly as possible (the combo timer stops during Mega Charge). If you have him, Hawkeye is a great team member due to his 'Easy Combo' ability. If necessary use the 5->4 and +Bombs Boosters

Skill Usage Missions

Use a Tsum Tsum whose skill charges up quickly. You can also use a team member like Black Widow whose ability changes Tsums into Leader Tsums. Can also use the +Time and 5->4 Boosters if needed

Special Skill Usage Missons

Use a Tsum Tsum whose special charges up quickly. You can also use a team member like Black Widow whose ability changes Tsums into Leader Tsums. Can also use the +Time and 5->4 Boosters if needed

Large Tsum Missions

Use a Tsum that creates Large Tsums for their power. Can also use the +Large and +Time Boosters if needed
Suggested Leaders
Suggested Team Members

Coin Missions

Use a Tsum Tsum whose skill clears a lot of Tsums. You can also use a team members with Coin Boost abilities. Can also use the +Time and 5->4 Boosters if needed
Suggested Team Members

Tsum Type Tips

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