Princess Leia

Star Wars

Size: Mini


Disney StoreYesLogin to track your collection
Japanese Disney StoreYes
Disney ParksYes
UK Posh PawsNo
Disney CollectionYes


Part of the first Star Wars Tsum Tsum set and was released in February 2016 at the US, European, and Japanese Disney Store. The Star Wars Tsums were also released in the foreign parks and we expect them to arrive at the US parks soon too. We expect this first set to be restocked as needed and will serve as the basic set of Star Wars Tsums with other sets added in the future.

Disney StoreNormally available on-line and in store; however, may be temporarily out of stock
Japanese Disney StoreReleased in February 2016 and will most likely be restocked as needed
Disney ParksReleased at the non-US parks with the US parks expected to come soon
Disney CollectionReleased in March 2016 in Target stores in the US
In Progress The Plush Character Sets and Tags are a work in progress so not all characters will have sets and tags until we are done

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